Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just updating.

i have pretty much done everything just short of throwing the computer against the wall. blogger wants me to login with just my google id. i have never used my google id to login and it would not let me sign out to be able to put in the correct information. 
anyways it is fixed now and i can finally update.

things that have happened in the last month:
we started school 3 weeks ago. 
we miss ada a ton. 
2nd grade is not my favorite, i miss my big kids.
i hate traffic.
i miss 3 minute drives to work.
oh, and i am pregnant! What?!

the two of us found out about two-three weeks ago, but chose to keep it a secret until we could go to the doctor. that day was finally today! it took forever to get here!

my ob/gyn sent me to get an ultrasound because she couldn't determine the exact due date. luckily the ultrasound people fit me in. we got to see the little bean, watch its heartbeat and hear the heartbeat too! it was so surreal.

the ultrasound tech puts me at 8 weeks and 2 days. baby harrison is due 4/4/2010. this is all too weird right now, but very exciting. the timing is perfect! i won't have to go back to school and i will have a new baby to play with! we should find out in 10 more weeks what the baby's gender is. i have no idea and am not leaning one way or the other. 

it is so exciting! here is a video and the first pics of baby h.