Monday, January 18, 2010

30 weeks.

here is the requested belly pic.
it is huge.
my back hurts,
i can't reach my toes,
i'm super moody,
always hungry,
but still very excited.
ten more weeks, but i'll be shocked if i make it that long.
i am secretly hoping he makes an early entrance, only if he is healthy of course!

Monday, January 11, 2010

no touchy!

my dad and stepmom gave us a 4d ultrasound package for christmas. so we and all of our parental units took the afternoon off work to enjoy sometime with our future bundle of joy. we went to miracle within in edmond. we had an hour session scheduled.

well, if an infant can throw a fit in the womb, our child did it. so, either he is just like me and can throw an awesome fit or he is like his dad and is totally chill unless someone really gets under his skin. the first 20 minutes were great, then the tech started poking him and he was not such a fan. here is the play by play of the action:

"oh, look how sweet and innocent I am everybody."

this is where the tech started ticking him off, a.k.a the fit starts.

"leave me alone, please!"
"i'm telling you you better stop it."
"now, i'm officially hating you techy!"

"i told you to stop, now watch me flip over and completely ignore you."
now he is just showing off...this is definitely like his dad.
"don't look at me anymore!"

this is what we saw for the last 40 minutes. the back of this head.
he had definitely had it with the tech. here he has his hand over his shoulder. you can see his ear and the bumpy stuff on his head is hair.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

let's play a game

which extreme would you prefer to be on???

our car this morning....

our car last august...

this is oklahoma weather for ya' though.
silly, mother nature.