Tuesday, July 24, 2012

life happened...

so, let's just say i forgot i had a blog. for over two years. i don't know how that happens. i guess life happened. i cracked up when i read my last post. i had just had kase two weeks before, now he is 2.5 years old. i also cannot believe how much life has changed for us in these short 2 years. let's just cut to now and what is going on now.

it's summer, it has been an amazing summer at that. this picture below pretty much sums up what i have done all summer. i have pinned and have tried to make a lot of the stuff i have pinned. i learned my new best friends are hot glue, hobby lobby and burlap. enjoy.

 yellow bulletin border. i tried to be as economical as possible when decorating for the new year. 
i saw another pinner do this. all it is, is butcher paper. you simply tear it into 3-4 inch strips. then accordion fold the paper. then scrunch the paper up. take one strip at a time. bunch a little and staple, bunch a little and staple. it was very simple and went quickly after i got the hang of it. 

all i did on this board was use a simple black and white dot border. then i went after the butcher paper cart again. i ripped it into strips, scrunched, twisted and stapled. again, very simple.

my announcement center. all this is, is dollar store frames with cute scrapbook paper. they make perfectly cute dry erase boards. i love them! 

we redid kase's room this summer. he now has a big boy room. on this project, i went to my local hobby lobby and purchased: burlap, red twine, blue paint.  second, i downloaded a boyish font for free from pinterest. i printed out the letters for his name and laid them under the burlap. then i simply painted  on top of the burlap. the paper shows through beneath making it very simple to paint.

we have some very tall windows in our house. it's expensive to purchase curtains for tall windows. these curtains have been in our master bedroom since we moved in. for two years i have looked despised them. a couple of weeks ago i had a thought. why not add some fabric to the bottom???? duh. i don't sew though. i do however, iron and use iron on sewing tape. it took a half yard of fabric for each panel. all you do is lay the sew tape on the edges and then pin the hems. then iron over the hems until the tape has melted and the hems are ironed together. i also purchased some fringe and fabric glued it on to cover where the curtains meet. i liked it so much i did it to several other curtains too.

i am very proud of this one. i saw one similar to this on pinterest, but hers was much shorter. i took a little trip to my local home depot and found a guy that thought i had no clue what i was doing to cut wood for me. i asked him for a 4x4 and a 2x6. I had him cut the the 4x4 in half and then had him cut 4 pieces of 2x6 off. i cut two pieces of 2x6 an inch shorter on two sides with the jigsaw at home. then i stacked the small pieces and the post together and screwed them together. i repeated on the other side. on the top i drilled a hole and screwed in the finial, just for a little extra pizzaz and height. i then used a spray paint primer on it. sprayed the edges with heirloom colored paint. then i sprayed it all black. i went back over the edges with a little sand paper so the heirloom would show through. lastly, i screwed on an oil rubbed bronze hook to hold the sign. 
i purchased the wooden sign at hobby lobby and used the same spray paint from the post. i sprayed it randomly with the black and went pack over it lightly with the heirloom. it has a really cool aged look. the letters were cut out of vinyl on the cricut.

i know i am dragging this out. i'll hurry up. i wanted to make a wreath for school out of pencils and left hobby lobby with the materials to make this. this was simply a grapevine wreath, a small chalkboard, burlap and canvas flowers, red crochet flowers and turquoise paint. i used my magical hot glue gun and quickly put this together. i love it. it will look so cute outside my door. 

lastly, i made this cute board to hang in my bathroom. again, i went to my favorite store, hobby lobby. i bought a piece of scrap metal, an unpainted 12x12 frame, magnets and burlap. i spray painted the sign with leftover paint from the post. i used the same aging technique that i did on the welcome sign above. i cut the metal to fit the frame and then stuck magnets on my makeup. i suggest getting strong magnets for sure though. however, this cleared up a drawer in my bathroom. i thought it needed some more character, so i made the burlap rosettes. google how to do that. very simple again. i used the leftover burlap as a table runner. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


it has been almost a month since i posted anything. i do have a really good reason for this. our little bundle of boy was born march 26! he was 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 in. long. he is already 2.5 weeks old; i cannot believe it. we waited so long for him to get here and now time is flying by.
here are some pics from kase's big day. enjoy.

i don't remember being this big at all! especially now!

kase and gigi

kase and auntie lil

getting to see him for the first time!

finally, a boy!

i love this picture of kase and his big cousin grace.
leaving the hospital.

we had kase's newborn pictures taken when he was a week old. check out the sneak peek at this link: kase's pics it's going to be incredibly hard to pick out which ones to buy and i have only seen the preview so far!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this is no longer normal.

my school secretary tells me everyday that my "situation," is not normal. i really hadn't noticed how huge this baby was until kyle took this picture. we did find out last week at our appointment that kase has decided to flip over and be a breech baby. i am by no means upset by this. i've read story after story of all of these women who are extremely disappointed that they missed out on the birthing experience by having a c-section.

my point of view: bring. it. on.

missing out on hours of labor and pain does not make me feel like less of a woman. sounds good to me actually. so now the four of us (dogs count as people in our house) are just sitting around waiting on something to happen. if nothing happens then kase will for sure be here on march 26th!

car seat is installed.
(i keep thinking someone is going to see the car seat and
comment on why we are leaving our baby in the car....)

bags are packed and ready to grab.

in the meantime here are some of my new favorite things, check them out:

-the first three are discount websites for mom, baby and kid gear! it is always great stuff and it sells out fast. so be there at 10 a.m. or you'll miss it.)

-this is the website of the girl is going to take all of kase's newborn pics. eeek! i am so excited for these pictures i can't stand it! she was exactly what i was looking for! she happens to be the aunt of one of my super-duper kiddos! her stuff is so cute!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

flying in first class.

here are the high demand nursery pics.
we went with a vintage theme. the baby motif's were not really our thing.
it was a lot of work, but we love his nursery.
it's simple; that's how we like things around here.

view from doorway.

changing table, - the changing pad at the moment.
i love his bomber jacket that his auntie lili got him.

close up of the desk/bookshelf area.

crib (thanks grams and pops). basket of books. the little rocking chair was my mom's, then mine and now it will be kase's, the little stick horse in the corner was mine when i was little too. good thing gigi held onto all of that stuff (thanks, mom).

bedding made by gigi. (b's mom). we never found anything we liked, but this is perfect.



cute play mat also made by gigi. it has all kinds of different ribbons, textures and little toys on it. perfect for baby's touch and feel discoveries.

vintage abacus.

it took forever to find art, but we finally found these at
hobby lobby and snagged them up.

Monday, February 22, 2010

diapers, bottles, and onesies...oh, my.

here are some pics from shower #1. we have two more to go this week.
one at school and one in ada. all of this is so much fun!

auntie lili (my sis), me, and auntie lainie (my cousin)
my three besties! thanks for a great shower chickies!
i know there were a ton more pictures taken, they just didn't show up on my camera.
if anybody has different pics from the shower, please send them to me!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

watch b grow.

we are finally nearing the end of this whole pregnant thing. yay!
here is a little look back from where i started at to where i am now.
i hope i can get back to the starting point soon. i will have about 9 weeks until summer, right? plenty of time to let jillian michaels kick my butt back into shape....we'll see...
(i'm also cracking up at how much the furniture in this room has been rearranged in the last 8 months)
11 weeks
14 weeks
20 weeks
24 weeks
28 weeks
30 weeks
33 weeks

one of our concerns right now is trying to prepare our four legged babies for the new human baby. we read that you should start practicing by holding a doll, but gus ignored the doll and zoe figured out it was a toy and wanted to chew on it.

gus has been my cuddle buddy through all of this. we definitely think he knows something is up. he will either be very protective of kase or very jealous. both dogs have been around our nieces a lot and do fine, so we are feeling pretty confident...
zoe, bless her little heart, is definitely the more silly of the two. she will be completely infatuated with kase and have her little nose in his face all of the time.

happy 1st birthday today to our niece emi!