Sunday, November 29, 2009


kase's nursery is coming along. it's more my style to keep it simple and that's what i am going for with his nursery, i just had to finally make a decision on something. the colors will be chocolate brown and deeper shades of red, blue, gold and green (see fabric below).

the people we bought our house from had 3 little girls, so all of our extra bedrooms were extremely girlie. since we are having a boy this girl thing just isn't going to work any longer. the room we chose to use as the nursery was painted pink on top and green on the bottom (see pic). this room has been kyle's game/man room (apparently pink and flowers worked for him...hehe).
it also had flowers painted all over the ceiling.
we chose to leave the green on the bottom and paint the top tawny, which is just taupe/khaki.
and ta-da! much more boyish!
this glider was my craigslist find. we love it! it was the exact one i was going to order!
no more flowers!
these are the fabrics that we are going to use. i loved them the moment i saw them! they are the perfect colors! i really didn't like anything that i saw at the baby stores, so my mom is going to make all of the crib bedding and accessories.
this is the inspiration crib bedding. except, where they have stripes i am going to use the argyle fabric above and in place of their large polka dots i am using the cream fabric above with the little dots. the other fabrics will be accents in the room.
this jar of pickles was a gift from my friend jade and her family. i think this is the cutest idea! in the future my pregnant friends will probably be receiving scrapbooked pickle jars.
my poor child currently has about 10 pairs of shoes...but how can anyone resist them!?
he may not have everything, but he will have stylish footwear.
boots, a necessity of every infant, right?


ashley said...

i love those fabrics! can't wait to see pictures when it is all done!

Faye said...

Lovvve it!!! Belly pic????? Fabrics are soo cute and I love the pickles!!!

genderist said...

How fun putting everything together!

Get all the shoes you want. He'll only be able to wear them for a minute... make every minute special!