Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

24 week belly pic

it is officially winter here. my favorite season, mainly because of christmas. it just makes me super-duper happy. in ada we were the only house on our block to have our house decked out in lights, but this year we didn't make it that far. this year we were just too darn worn out to get it done, we just put out our wreaths and cute lighted topiary trees. we are however throughly enjoying all of our neighbor's lights. one night we were driving home from work later than usual and ended up taking western just to get away from the highway traffic. while driving we stumbled upon chesapeake energy's awesome tree lights. my little iphone pic doesn't do it justice, you have got to see this for yourself. it is ah-mazing.

here is the crib winner! love it!


Shaff and Laura said...

your belly is so cute!! and so is that crib! i love it!! We really need to get together!