Tuesday, February 9, 2010

watch b grow.

we are finally nearing the end of this whole pregnant thing. yay!
here is a little look back from where i started at to where i am now.
i hope i can get back to the starting point soon. i will have about 9 weeks until summer, right? plenty of time to let jillian michaels kick my butt back into shape....we'll see...
(i'm also cracking up at how much the furniture in this room has been rearranged in the last 8 months)
11 weeks
14 weeks
20 weeks
24 weeks
28 weeks
30 weeks
33 weeks

one of our concerns right now is trying to prepare our four legged babies for the new human baby. we read that you should start practicing by holding a doll, but gus ignored the doll and zoe figured out it was a toy and wanted to chew on it.

gus has been my cuddle buddy through all of this. we definitely think he knows something is up. he will either be very protective of kase or very jealous. both dogs have been around our nieces a lot and do fine, so we are feeling pretty confident...
zoe, bless her little heart, is definitely the more silly of the two. she will be completely infatuated with kase and have her little nose in his face all of the time.

happy 1st birthday today to our niece emi!


JanaKaseyGraceEmilie said...

Thanks for posting the Emilie pics! I cannot believe how long you have come! Looking at your tummy progression makes me realize how close you are getting! Get that nursery in order Mommy!