Monday, February 22, 2010

diapers, bottles, and onesies...oh, my.

here are some pics from shower #1. we have two more to go this week.
one at school and one in ada. all of this is so much fun!

auntie lili (my sis), me, and auntie lainie (my cousin)
my three besties! thanks for a great shower chickies!
i know there were a ton more pictures taken, they just didn't show up on my camera.
if anybody has different pics from the shower, please send them to me!


Faye said...

I loveee you and your belly! Will post a couple on facebook!!

JanaKaseyGraceEmilie said...

Blaire and Faye,

We really had a great time! Thanks to everyone for a fun shower, it was BY FAR the best shower I went to this weekend!

Kyle and Blaire said...

haha. thanks j!