Wednesday, February 24, 2010

flying in first class.

here are the high demand nursery pics.
we went with a vintage theme. the baby motif's were not really our thing.
it was a lot of work, but we love his nursery.
it's simple; that's how we like things around here.

view from doorway.

changing table, - the changing pad at the moment.
i love his bomber jacket that his auntie lili got him.

close up of the desk/bookshelf area.

crib (thanks grams and pops). basket of books. the little rocking chair was my mom's, then mine and now it will be kase's, the little stick horse in the corner was mine when i was little too. good thing gigi held onto all of that stuff (thanks, mom).

bedding made by gigi. (b's mom). we never found anything we liked, but this is perfect.



cute play mat also made by gigi. it has all kinds of different ribbons, textures and little toys on it. perfect for baby's touch and feel discoveries.

vintage abacus.

it took forever to find art, but we finally found these at
hobby lobby and snagged them up.


genderist said...

I love it! Totally adorable.

Faye said...

Such a chic little baby he will be!!!! I love everything!!!!