Thursday, July 9, 2009

everything old is new again.

if you know me you know i cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes and i have to be doing something at all times. well, kyle made the mistake of leaving me alone one day, so i took it upon myself to take the hammer to the kitchen and start my next project.

 here is what we started with:

it may not look that bad to you, but trust me a 50 year old kitchen that has had nothing done to it can be quite gross. you just can't see it. 
i attempted to hammer off the scroll -ey (sp?) molding above the window and got it most of the way, but kyle had to finish it off for me. this is after we took off all of the cabinet doors and sanded down the bases and drawers. it looks a little p.w.t (poor-white-trash) at the moment, but i have a vision.
kyle put us on budgets for the summer and my weekly allowance went to this beautiful baby, i am referring to the paint sprayer. it is awesome! such a clean finish! i did do a lot of work too! we had a hard time sharing the spray gun. 
this is as far as we got tonight. no more golden 60's stain for us. thank the lord! i hated it! 

just wait until we get done with it.