Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ta Da!

whew! what a mess! we spent the entire day yesterday painting the kitchen. we had to pull everything out of the cabinets. which made another mess. i did get to de-clutter, which is sadly one of the things i really like to do. anything that we have not used in the last three years is getting the boot. we had a lot of help moving into our house (which i am very thankful for), but i have had no clue where a lot of our stuff is. now, we know where everything is and what we actually have.  

the goal is to make this area look more like a built in hutch. there will doors on the bottom and the top center. we are going to leave the top outer cabinets open and use the shelves. i got this idea from a magazine, i have no shame in using someone else's designs. 
today we took a little trip to builder's warehouse. fun place if you are into that kind of thing. we are definitely going with the white subway tiles for the backsplash. i know that is a lot of white, white tiles, white backsplash...but it is going to look great! 

 i like the one in the center, kyle likes the dark one on the top. what do you think? the tile behind all of this is what is on our floor. 

-i have been notified by several people that our comment section is not working. this should be fixed, so try it again. :) 


ashley said...

i agree with you...the one in the center.

Mrs. Faye Middleton said...

finally I can comment! I love your blog and you and I like the all white. I'm going to scan a white kitchen pic from southern living and email it to you!

Cathy Battles said...

You two are amazing! Will you come re-do my kitchen when you finish yours?