Wednesday, July 15, 2009

feelin' hot, hot hot!

i wrote this in red to emphasize how hot it currently is. 

this was the view in my car yesterday.... ridiculous 

we took a lil' trip to moore this morning, actually i do this a lot of mornings, to work in my classroom. i made kyle-boy go along to help unload my fridge. anywho...when we got home it was apparent our a/c was not working...big bummer because at this exact moment our buddies at the weather channel are telling us it is 104 out and pushing 90 in the house. not cool at all dudes (pun intended).

so after perusing the phonebook and calling every repairman from here to the county line, we finally found one very nice old man who has been outside for the last two hours telling us that the whole system needs to be replaced, yet he is continuing to try to get it to jump-start until tomorrow so we can decide how to afford this little detour.  

so much for getting the kitchen done relatively soon. :( my granite countertops are going to have to wait a little while. i'll keep you updated. 


Sarah said...

That stinks! Our air conditioner quit on us last summer, but luckily it just needed some freon or something. Your tougher than I am, because we spent one night with it not working and then I told Drew I was staying with my parents till he figured it out!

Mrs. Faye Middleton said...

I'm sorry! I'm surprised ours hasn't quit seeing as how brent always has it on 68. I wasn't aware I married a polar bear...