Thursday, December 31, 2009

the end of 2009.

this one is a doozy, so I hope you have time to grab a drink and maybe a snack...

santa claus was very generous to us this year. one thing we asked for was a new digital camera. we are pretty sure that we were of the small percentage of people without one, this happened through a course of events that you don't care about. we've just been using our iphones which have worked great for us, but with baby on the way we decided it was time to get with the program. santa brought us a nikon - coolpix (better known as the ashton kutcher camera). it is way awesome. here are just a few play shots kyle took.

the zoe

the gus

the kyle

this is our new project. we know, we know...we have a baby on the way, what in the world are we thinking buying a house to flip? especially when only one of us is really able to do the "flipping," due to my "being with child" situation. it was just one of those things we couldn't pass up. we've also decided that our new camera does this joint way to much justice. the house is 53 years old and has been occupied with me it is bad. we were finally able to get to work on it last monday, so here are the pics of the house when we first got our hands on it and after three days of demo.
front of house
view from the front door
current view from the front door after we demolished a wall

kitchen. it is wayyyy nas-tay! it will be demolished and replaced with new cabinets.
awesome peach colored hall bathroom.
extra room 1
extra room 2

master bedroom

master bathroom

kyle taking a was well deserved he did most of the demolition on his own with me supervising.
lili and lainie painting the hallway bath

mom painting one of the extra bedrooms.

we've removed a lot of trim in all of our diy work, but the trim in this house was by far the hardest stuff to get off that we have ever seen. they didn't mess around in 1956.

removed the paneling from the dining room and hallway.

look mom, wood floors! we were wayyyy stoked to find wood floors throughout the entire house. unfortunately they have been covered up by disgusto renter carpet for who knows how long. they really weren't as bad as they looked once we cleaned up the mess from the carpet padding.

kitchen finally finished
i thought i would finish this up with the final shots on our kitchen renovation. if you remember from this post and this post, last summer we started a kitchen remodel in our old house. it has been a long 6 months, once school started back and all of the baby craze we didn't have the time or energy to accomplish much. we decided to take the cheaper route because of the baby costs that are taking over our finances. we tracked down our old doors that we had sold in our garage sale and painted them. thank goodness for xmas break, it is finally finished!

this was the last thing. if you have purchased many a faucet you know those babies are not cheap. i found this one brand new at a garage sale in our neighborhood last summer for $5. kyle installed it today in 1 hour (we are both very proud of him).

whew, that was a long one. good way to finish off the year though!
bring on 2010.