Monday, July 6, 2009

wickedly, wonderful weekend.

whew, what a weekend we had. i took a spur of the moment trip friday to ikea in frisco, tx. i am totally in love and sold on ikea. so much stuff, such a little price. some of my great finds include laundry room hamper/clothes sorter for 2.00, cute napkins for .49, new kitchen knives for 4.00, duvet to accent our bedroom for 19.00, outdoor rugs for 9.00. like i said it is wonderful. 

all of these items are necessities of course. ;)

saturday i was up bright and early for the fireball. i placed seventh overall and 2nd in my age group. which i am totally cool with. what i am not okay with is the number of people that registered as walkers and chose to run. i like to call this cheating. it is just not right to those of us that kick our booty's to win the walking part of the classic only to be bamboozled out of our correct walking placement. 

...totally kidding, but seriously, seriously? anyways, ada rotary will be hearing my complaint. from what i have been told though quite a few have already had a gripe session. 

we spent the afternoon at our friend's nate and susie. we taught with them in ada and all four of us moved to the city this summer. well, actually they live in choctaw, but it is close to the city. we had planned to go to uco to watch fireworks, but because of the sudden weather change we did not. instead, we decided to have a small cookout with adam, kayla, ben and kelsey. we ate, played games and ate some more

sunday i recovered from my crazy weekend and kyle did the golf thing. 

today we worked in my classroom again. it is finally getting there. i did bring home a yucky, old, yellow rocking chair left in my room and am in the process of painting it pink. i will post a pic of how it turns out. that's all for now!